Sponsorship Opportunites

Sponsorship Opportunities

Grand Prize Sponsorship: The Grand Prize sponsor will be featured in all marketing materials and will receive one premium exhibitor space. Targeted social media will be used to promote the grand prize leading up to the event. Sponsorship is limited to one exhibitor. The grand prize must have a minimum retail value of $1,500.

Prize Sponsorship: All attendees qualify. The Prize sponsor will be included in all website and social media marketing. Sponsorship is limited to two exhibitors. The Prize must have a retail value of over $500.

Fashion Show Presenter: The Fashion Show presenter is available for a $1,000 cash investment. The investment includes one premium exhibitor space and will be included on website, social media and radio marketing. Sponsorship is limited to two exhibitors.

Passport Prize Game Sponsors: The Passport Prize Game Sponsorship requires prizes that are worth a minimum of $150. A description of the prize and detailed retail price will be required. This sponsorship is limited to 15 exhibitors.

Each bride will be provided with a Passport Prize Game card and will be required to collect a stamp at each booth to qualify for the prizes donated by the exhibitors. Passport Prize Game participants will be advertised on social media.

Swag Bag Sponsorship: The first 100 attendees will receive a bag which will be used as the swag bag.

The Swag Bag Sponsors need to provide 100 items. The items must have the sponsor’s business name attached or imprinted. There is no minimum dollar value on items. An example of promotional gift items can be notepads, pens, plastic water bottles, USB sticks etc. NO DISCOUNTED OFFERS ALLOWED without promotional gift item attached. ALL exhibitors are encouraged to participate. Items must be dropped off at the Sudbury Living office by January 10th, 2020.